Agranulocytose zeldzame bijwerking strumazol en PTU

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Agranulocytose zeldzame bijwerking strumazol en PTU

Bericht door laura » 08 nov 2013, 12:14

Patients need to be better informed about side effects of antithyroid drugs, says study

It is important that doctors provide high quality of information received by patients regarding the side-effects of the drugs they are taking. This is especially so with the antithyroid drugs used to control hyperthyroidism as they have serious side-effects in a small number of cases.

In 2012, 100 patients who were/are taking antithyroid drugs completed an online survey. The aim of this survey was to ascertain the quality and format of information received by patients about what they should do if they experienced symptoms suggestive of agranulocytosis, an uncommon but serious side-effect of antithyroid drugs. The survey also looked at improvements to the quality of information given, and patients' ability to recall this information.

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